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O'Hara Laboratory Coater


Labcoat ™ Tablet Coating Machine is compact and self-contained, which is controlled accurately and quickly. Tablet Coating Machine is suitable for all kind of coating experiment or in the pilot production.

●Aqueous and solvent designs

●Built in air handling unit and exhaust filter unit

●Interchangeable perforated pans

●Schlick anti-bearding spray nozzle with auto-needle

●Super convenient operation interface

●WIP/WIP Station optional

●Labcoat BT:       Drum sizes 8.5" 

                             Capacity 100g-500g

●Labcoat M5:      Drum sizes 8.5"、10.5"、12"、15" 

                             Capacity up to 5kg

●Labcoat M10:    Drum sizes 12"、15"、17"、19"

                             Capacity up to 10kg

●Labcoat 40:       Drum sizes 15"、19"、24"、27"、30"

                             Capacity up to 40kg

●Labcoat 75:       Drum sizes 19"、24"、27"、30"、36"

                             Capacity up to 75kg

●Labcoat 100:     Drum sizes 19"、24"、27"、30"、36"、36"Extend

                             Capacity up to 100kg



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