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O'Hara Coating Machine


O’Hara Fastcoat tablet coating system is suitable for large scale production with efficiency.

●Side-vented pan coating system

●Fully perforated pans with opening 51%

●Anti-bearding spray nozzles

●WIP system optional

●Explosion-proof control optional




Fastcoat150:  Drum Diameter 1220mm(48in.)

                           *Working Load 90kg-130kg

●Fastcoat200:  Drum Diameter 1220mm(48in.) (Extended)

                           Working Load 130kg-180kg

●Fastcoat250:  Drum Diameter 1220mm(48in.) (Extended)

                           Working Load  160kg-230kg

●Fastcoat350:  Drum Diameter 1520mm(60in.)

                           Working Load  220kg-310kg

●Fastcoat400:  Drum Diameter 1520mm(60in.) (Extended)

                           Working Load 250kg-360kg

●Fastcoat500:  Drum Diameter 1520mm(60in.) (Extended)

                           Working Load 320kg-450kg

●Fastcoat650:  Drum Diameter 1650mm(66in.)

                           Working Load 380kg-545kg


Remark: *working load is based on bulk density of 0.8 kg/liter.


*Read the leaflet for more information.