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Coperion K-Tron, Food & Pet Food


Coperion K-Tron can provide single source solutions for all your feeding and conveying needs in the food and pet food industries. A variety of designs and equipment executions are available dependent upon the specific needs and sanitary dsign requirements.


Easier for cleaning, installation and maintenance

● Wash in place, rinse in place and air pressure cleaning system

● Be available for use in hazardous environments according to both ATEX and NEC                  guidelines

● Continuous use for over 30 years

● Provide custom PLC            


●Smart Weigh Belt Feeders: 10dm3/h(0.35 ft3/h)--80000dm3/h(2800 ft3/h)

●Single Screw Feeders: 0.4dm3/h(0.014 ft3/h)--15800dm3/h(560 ft3/h)

●Twin Screw Feeders: 0.12dm3/h(0.004 ft3/h)--7200 dm3/h (250 ft3/h)

●Microfeeder: 0.02dm3/h(0.0014 ft3/h)--4 dm3/h (0.014 ft3/h)

●Liquid Loss-in-Weight Feeders: Feed rates are dependent upon the configuration.

Vacuum Sequencing System:

●P-Series Capacity: 600-4000kg/h(1320-8800lb/h)

●Series 2400 Capacity: 408-3175kg/h(900-7000lb/h)

Continuous Pneumatic Conveying System:

●Conveying line sizes: 38-406mm(1.5-16in.)

●Conveying Capacities up to 100,000kg/h(220,000lb/h)

*Read the leaflet for more information