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Milling Machine, Kmill K200


Kmill K200 can perform milling,deagglomeration and mixing with tight  particle size distribution (PSD) and high capacity. K200 is widely applied in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

      ●Tight PSD

         -- increase product on target up to 30%

      ●High Repeatability

         -- same PSD can be achieved in different batches

      ●Low Noise

         -- a very gentle milling technology

      ●Low Dust

         -- avoid using dust collector or containment systems

      ●Low Temperature

         -- suitable for milling heat-sensitive products

      ●Easy To Clean

         -- greaseless gearbox design

         -- minimal surface area and obstruction of product flow

      Special Design Available 

         -- CIP/SIP

         -- Through-The-Wall 

     ●Capacities*: up to 2000 kg/hr

      ●Power: 4 KW (5Hp)

      ●Electric: 380V,3PH,50Hz

      ●Screen Diameter: 203 mm

      ●Speed of Impeller: 300 – 2,400 rpm


      ●Screen/Impeller Gap: no adjustment required

      ●Minimum Height of Housing: 360 mm

            * Capacities are based on standard pharmaceutical placebo with 3% microcrystalline cellulose (MCC).Capacities may vary significantly based on product characteristics.