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Wet Milling/Dry Milling -----Application in Tablet Manufacturing


Wet Milling

In the Tablet Manufacturing Process, powders such as lactose, active ingredient, binders, etc. are mixed

to form wet mass. High Shear Mixer/Granulator is used to mix and  granulate this  wet  mass and form 



Large lumps need longer time to dry. Smaller lumps need less time to dry. If drying time is set for large

lumps, smaller lumps will form overly dried  hard  small  particles. If  drying  time  is  set for small lumps,

the large lumps will not be dried in the center. Milling  of overly  dried  hard  small  particles  will result

in too much fines. Milling of larger lumps with moist centers will result in smearing of the screen.


Hence  it is  necessary  to  use  Kmill  to  provide  similarly  sized  wet  granules  prior  to  drying.  It  can

significantly reduce drying time by 25% and reduce fines by more than 20%.


Dry Milling

After Fluid Bed Drying, Kmill is used for  final  sizing of dry product to  suit  the  final  use.  In  tableting,

particle flowability and uniformity  is  critical for tablet  press.  Kmill  can  achieve  a  tight  particle size

distribution and ensure the repeatable milling result.


Using Kmill for wet conditioning of high shear granulated material and post fluid bed  dryer  milling can 

improve * yield  by 30%.



Remark: *Yield means the particle sizes on target range. 

  • Wet/Dry Milling
  • Continuous Coating
  • Security Screening